Video Presentation

The vision of our congress is to engage the participants in meaningful session for the exploration on scientific advancements. In order for this model to succeed, speakers or the participants need to adhere to a set of instructions and guidelines.

1. Presentation Preparation

• You can record a video of PPT presentation, or show your face with high resolution as vivid as face-to-face presentation.
• The video uploaded should be in the format of .mp4 and time duration should be 10-15 mins;
How to record a video with PowerPoint
• The Video submission deadline is July 31st and video would be updated on the conference website after pre-review and confirmation.
• The video PPT could design as you like with requirements as below:
     √  The conference logo should be added to each PPT slide;
     √  Title, presenter and affiliation information should be indicated in the first slide;
     √  Each slide should be concise, uncluttered and readable from a distance; include only key words and phrases for visual reinforcement. Avoid lengthy
     √  Attached is the PPT Sample for your reference;
• Signed and stamped electronic presentation certificate would be issued via e-mail after the presentation is delivered;

2. Speaker Standards

Presentation Skills: Presentation would definitely a topic of importance during conference session. Speakers should rehearse well in advance for the successful presentation with time management.
No commercial Advertisement: No commercial advertisements are allowed during the session.

3. Best Oral Presentation Selection Procedure

One best video presentation will be selected based on the results from the first and second round of selection;;
• This award consists of a certificate and an award of 500 USD (Paid with Paypal);

Selection Criteria
A best presentation will be selected based on the following items:
• Research Quality
• Presentation Performance
• Presentation Language
• PowerPoint Design

Selection Procedure
• All video presentations will be updated on the conference website;
• Audience could select best video presentations by clicking ‘Vote for the Best Presentation’, and vote from the same IP would be counted only one time for each video presentation;
• First Round of Selection: Top 5 Video Presentations will be selected based on the numbers of 'Votes’ till September 5th, 2020;
• Second Round of Selection: 1 Best Video Presentation among the Top 5 Video Presentations from the first round will be selected by TPC members of ABS 2020 (Whose video will not join the selection). Final results will be demonstrated on the website on September 8th, 2020;